Artist statement:

"I used needle under magnifying glass for those countless little white and blue dots. It takes a lot of time and patience. But I am always happy with the results at the end. You can see the results of the countless hours work. It took me almost a year to finish it. Painting is titled - Titanic Wreck. Dimensions, 60cm x 80cm."

Zeljko "Z" Srdic was born in Slovenia (1977.) After graduating from Art school he worked as an illustrator for several European and US publishers such as NBM, Frishco Co., Tocsin Magazine, The Manual Co., World Wide Distributors. Soon after he begun to paint. So he started to explore and practice Hyperrealism/Photorealism style oil painting. Hyperrealism artists like Chuck Close and Claudio Bravo were one of his influences. Zeljko works in a traditional style in several layers without air brush. He mostly works on a large scale oil portraits in two colours - blue and white. He also paints deep sea, wild life and nature subjects. He paints details with very tiny brush under magnifying glass. The paintings you see on this website took countless hours to complete. Hyperrealism require a lot of time and patience. It is all love and hard work. His paintings are bought from all around the world, from prestige private collectors to institutions like Save The Titanic Foundation from Los Angeles, World Financial Center from New York. Zeljko also worked in art department for an independent B movie A Viking Saga - Son Of Thor.

To inquire about commissions or available work, please email:

Artist Z Tapped For Titanic Comic Book

March 11th 2008.

Save the Titanic Foundation has announced it has chosen Serbian artist Zeljko "Z" Srdic to illustrate its limited edition comic book. Many of Z's paintings are on the walls of World Financial Center's offices in New York. More about it..

Save the Titanic Foundation Navigates Art World Successfully

April 6th 2009.

The Save the Titanic Foundation announced the completion of the Save the Titanic Foundation's needled crafted work of art and cover of the Save the Titanic Foundation's limited edition comic book. Zeljko "Z" Srdic, of Serbia, was hand picked. More about it..